Un arma secreta para junio maluma

He added that becoming a father was “such a big dream” to him and said that he even sings to Gomez’s belly, hoping his daughter Chucho hear him.

Maluma se ha apoyado en su reputación de una especie de Lothario desde que se convirtió en un adolescente rompecorazones en la decorado musical de Medellín. Mientras sus primeros lanzamientos fueron sutilmente sugerentes, en 2015 había abrazado por completo su personaje de Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy

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The video also shows the couple sharing the big news with their respective families and Gomez’s belly growing over the past few months.

”Talk to me winner!“ Maluma said to Karol, with her confessing that she was talking to the press backstage while holding back the tears.

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, Campeón an ode to a week he spent on the island before the pandemic. He followed up in 2022 with a surprise album,

Maluma acaba de lanzar su nuevo sencillo “Junio”, una alegre y romántica canción maluma babay pop-urbana que acento de la espectáculo que te hace advertir esa persona particular, tal y como si fuera verano en junio.

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Fue súper relajado y sin lujos: la forma en que las chicas bailaban, la música y todo el sentimiento de la vida nocturna jamaicana Cuadro hermoso ".

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25 things you might know about him — including the meaning behind his name, his biggest celebrity crush and secret hobby. Read on to learn more about the Colombian singer.

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Maluma: Okay, beautiful things are happening right now. My album got nominated for the American Grammys. This is my second nomination to American Grammys. So, I feel already that things are changing and are happening. We're on the right path. But to become that artist, I don't believe in the fast process. I trust in the long and hard work process that I'm trying to do right now. For me, that's the right path. So, I feel that these past 10 years of my career were just the beginning or just the preparation of the artist that I want to become. That's the artist that I want to be. I want to keep being nominated for the most amazing awards. I want to go more into the movies, to act shakira y karol g again. I want to go to Los Angeles again. I'm looking for more roles in the Hollywood industry.

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